Hi! I’m Emma (Em for short), and welcome to my world of sweet stitching! I like to call myself a multi-crafter as I really can’t decide which handcraft I love to work on more.

I consider myself an embroidery artist as most of my embroidery designs made free-form and not from patterns or drawings. As for quilt making, while I’ve only made a few quilts, I’ve been published in magazines and find myself coming up with new quilt designs all the time – luckily when I get to the sewing, they turn out how I picture them!

I started my stitching journey back in 2012 and with each quilt I sew, each embroidery design I stitch, and each crochet blanket I make, I learn even more and have grown my skills quite quickly. When it comes to quilt making, I’m still learning and yet to try out some techniques (like foundation paper piecing), but I do love my machine piecing and a spot of English paper piecing!

As a creative person, writing is one of my great loves – I’ve been writing longer than I’ve been stitching! Creativity is such a big part of my life, whether it’s in words or stitches. I also enjoy reading (Harry Potter super fan here!), listening to history podcasts and I love cooking. I’m also a fan of metal music, but you might not guess that based on my crafty side!

I live in Sydney, Australia, and while my partner is originally from Sweden (which explains my love of Dala horses), he’s been living here long enough that many people don’t realise he’s not actually an Aussie! I also have a little black poodle called Marley, and really, he is the cutest dog around.

As all quilters know, fabric addiction is real, so I have a day job to support this habit. I’m lucky enough to have turned my love of writing into a career, now working in the world of digital marketing as an editor and copywriter. Social media is also one of my other ‘things’ as I’ve had experience in setting up, managing and creating content for brands on various social media platforms.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy seeing some snippets from my creative life!